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Wheat ridge Heating & Air ConditioningFinding a Wheat Ridge professional heating contractor is as easy as calling Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. You’ll appreciate our services in the state of Colorado and insured for your safety. Whenever you need repairs done to your furnace give us a call.

We are able to work on all types of furnaces. From gas to electric there isn’t a job to big or small enough or us. We’ll meet your needs and exceed your expectations as we even have an emergency heating & cooling service.


Wheat Ridge Heating Repairs

We always get asked the prices for our heating repairs. We tell each of our customers that each job is different and so is each type of heating unit. You can get estimate how much you’ll pay by getting three different quotes.

Other factors that determine cost of repairs:

  • Size of unit
  • Multiple or single problems
  • Age of unit

The age of the unit deals with a majority of the cost. Most heating units last anywhere from 15-20 years depending on the maintenance provided for them. Older units prone to breakdowns will need replaced as repairs are worth more than the current unit.


Wheat Ridge Heating Tune-Up

There are advantages for heaters that get their tune-ups from the friendly crew at Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. First of all a tune-up will make your heater last longer. No matter what type it is, we’ll preserve the longevity of it.

If you live in Wheat Ridge and your heater needs a tune-up then call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. It’s our goal to put make you satisfied with your heater. Getting a tune-up now, before the winter, will help us properly diagnose your problems so that you stay warm.

Getting your furnace to run efficiently all winter is going to take some work. Along with maintaining your home’s heater, you should also winterize the entire home to keep the heat in.


Wheat Ridge Humidifiers

Air quality should be a main concern of yours living in Colorado. Although higher elevations produce some of the freshest air you’re ever going to find, there are homes in the area that can benefit from the use of a whole home humidifier.

It’s not just poor air that can plague a home but also dryness. Dry air can become more of a bothersome than corroded air. If this is the case, then a humidifier is what you need to produce moisture back into your home.

Don’t let this winter kick your butt. Get your home what it deserves and spend this winter free of having to buy expensive lotions (to lubricate hands) and chap sticks (that get lost in couch cushions). We want to become your heating contractors of choice so call us today!

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