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Denver Heating Tune UpIn order to prevent your heater from breaking down, it’s vital that you hire someone to do a heating tune up on it at least once a year. A proper tune-up will prevent you from spending money on costly repairs. Call Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling for maintenance on your heating device. Maintenance is necessary for keeping your unit modernized. When you own a modern unit you are provided with quality heat when you need it. Call us for a reliable service that you won’t be disappointed in.


What is so Important About Tune-Ups for Heating Devices?

The more that a heating system is used the more that it begins to wear out. You pay good money to heat the home. It doesn’t matter where you live, heat is important! You need tune-ups to keep your heater pumping

A tune-up will also keep the parts, of a heating system, in good working order. When our techs come out to your home, they will lube parts that are in need or replace bad parts. This will keep the lifespan of your heater maintenance free.


What A Heating Tune Up Entails in Your Home:

  • 25 Point Inspection
  • Lubricate parts
  • Test airflow
  • Change out filters
  • Clean combustion vents
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Calibrate thermostat


The Benefits of a Heating Tune-Up Are Very Valuable

If you keep your heater maintained, it’s going to give you more years as well as use 10-15% less energy. This will help reduce your energy bills and cut down on excessive usage. It’s been said that the lifestyle of a heater increases by 30% with regular tune-ups.

If you still have a valid warranty on your heater then you know that Denver heating tune-ups are very important for it. Manufactures require tune-up in order to make the warranty valid. If yours is still active call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling.


Experts at Tune-Ups

When it comes to your heating system, it’s important that you hire someone with experience. Someone that knows a lot about heaters can certainly maintain yours and keep it that way so that you don’t have to put money into costly repairs.

Get yours now before winter hits. This will be the preventative maintenance you need for it on in order to get you through those cold days. If you have ever been without heat before then you know to call Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling.

After the tune-up is completed, our HVAC contractors technician will provide you with a copy of everything that was completed. This will provide you with a copy to retain for your records. You might also notice that your heater is adequately heating up the home again.

For heating tune-ups that are done by professionals call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. We want to make sure that your heater works at all times. Just because the sun out doesn’t mean that it’s warm!


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