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Denver Heat Pump RepairsIf you own a heat pump then you know that it is an AC system that delivers cool air in the summer and warm in the winter. The combo pump can be an advantage in the home. But is it stops working, it’s going to need heat pump repairs from Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling. Getting your heat pump working again is a goal of ours and we will take all the necessary steps to get it there. You can’t beat our reliable service as they are always done by dependable Arvada heat pump repair specialists.


Pros of a Heating Device

One of the pros of owning a heat pump is the operation. A heat pump works by extracting heat from the outdoors and transferring it inside the home. This is done using a series of ducts. The ducts carry the heat into the home and deliver it throughout the home.

The air is then circulated throughout the home through a fan. The fan allows for the air to pass through a condensing unit. Once that is done it starts to filtrate into all rooms of the home providing you with warmth.


Different Climates & Conditions

In areas that have milder climates, combi units have a much better affect on the homes. In areas where the temperatures are extreme, the units will not work as well. That’s why it is recommended to have individual heating and cooling units.

A heat pump can’t work properly whenever it is either too hot or too cold since it pulls the air from outside of the house. If yours is broken down then let the techs know at Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling . We can have your heat pump repaired before the next temperature drop.


What Are The Benefits of a Heat Pump?

They are very economical to won. They cost a lot less to operate them than other types of units. Traditional heaters cost hundreds of dollars per year to run as does air conditioning units. You’ll notice that a proper working one can be controlled in order to control the level of warmth in the home.

  • Lower heating bills
  • Better for the environment
  • Total control
  • Less maintenance


Cons of a Heat Pump

Almost everything that is utilized in the home, as far as HVAC appliances go, have drawbacks to them. Repair costs can be significantly higher for a heat pump. This is due to having a dual system (heating & cooling) in it.

Another problem with heat pumps is that when you demand them most, they are very ineffective. Cooler air will bring in significantly cooler air in the home. Also, it can be much noisier than other types of heating systems.

If you are in the market for heat pump repairs, be sure and call the Arvada HVAC contractors at Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling. We’ll make the necessary repairs to your heating device so that it lasts you year round!


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