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Furnace Repairs DenverIf there is one thing that you need during a Colorado winter it’s a working furnace. If yours isn’t working when you go to turn it on call Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling for furnace repairs. You’ll appreciate our repairs as they are done by licensed and insured Arvada heating contractors. You’ll need a professional to work on your unit and we’re the ones to do it. Don’t live another moment without a working furnace. You’ll love our style as well as our prices.


Some Common Problems with Furnaces

No matter where you live, at some point in time you’re going to need a working furnace in order to stay warm and keep the chill out of the air. Some homeowners have heaters as part of their cooling systems. This provides a combined comfort level in the home all year round.

  • Function – If the hot air is not flowing through the heating device properly then the function of the device is askew.
  • Filter – Lots of times all you need is to replace the filter. Replacing the filter will sometimes make the unit work more efficiently.
  • Bad Blower – If the blower stops then there is no air that comes out of the heater (hot or cold). Getting the blower running again will get your home cozier again.


Types of Furnaces

A furnace works in a Arvada home by heating the interior through circulated air. This airflow needs to be consistently working to warm up a home and keep it warm. Here are some of the different types of furnaces:

  • Natural gas – This is by far the cheapest and most efficient way to heat up a home. There are lots of uses for natural gas such as heating and cooking.
  • Oil – At one point in time, oil was the preferred choice for heating. Oil furnaces are found in older homes still and require lots of maintenance due to the buildup of soot.
  • Wood – Typically found in rural areas, the wood burning furnace is still a pretty popular way to heat up a home. It almost eliminates utility bolls all together.
  • Corn – These are not trending yet but soon will. As they use a single duct to circulate airflow, they utilize corn because of the low prices attached to corn at the moment.


Repairs For Updating a System

Some time a system will need updated in order to work more efficiently. Updates such as a new thermostat will bring your furnace up to date with the 21st Century. Give your furnace the repairs they need to become more cost effective in the future.

For Arvada furnace repairs and so much more call Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling. We’ll get your furnace working and your home more cozier, that’s a promise.


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