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Tips About Your Furnace Repairs By Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling

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Do you know what type of furnace you have installed in your Colorado home? Before you call someone to repair your heating system, you should already know which kind of furnace you have.

It is always good for a homeowner to know a little about their heating and cooling system before trusting a contractor to come make a furnace repair or replacement.

The following is some general information about the different furnaces:

Gas Furnace Repairs

The gas furnace is always more affordable to use than the electric furnace where gas is readily available. But one thing to consider is that burning fuel generates fumes. You must use a gas furnace where it can be vented in order to protect household members.

In well-maintained gas furnaces, the fumes generated are enclosed in the exchanger and then exit the house through an exhaust vent.

Remember, a gas furnace must be checked by a qualified professional at least once a year. The professional would check the furnace for holes, leaks or cracks. A break or crack in the furnace lets carbon monoxide seep into your house or place of business.

Electric Furnace Repairs

The electric furnace has a higher cost than a gas furnace. Since electric furnaces do not use flames, they do not generate carbon monoxide or other hazardous by-products in the air. The electric furnace is cleaner and safer than a gas furnace.

Along with knowing what type of furnace you have that needs repair, you also want to know a little about how a furnace is supposed to run.

At times, your problem with getting enough heat in the house can be due to the fact that your current furnace does not have the capacity to effectively heat your home.

The Quality of the Furnace

The quality of the furnace determines how long and how well it will perform. Choosing a brand of furnace that has a history of quality and reliability can be less costly in the long run.

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The Efficiency of the Furnace

The efficiency of gas furnaces are determined by the AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings. The AFUE ratings identifies how efficiently is the fuel being consumed. In most cases, a higher AFUE rating means it takes less fuel to heat your home.

Gas furnaces with higher ratings cost more than those with lower ratings but may save you more money down the road. A minimum rating of 78% is established by the government in 1992. Many furnaces have an efficiency rating of about 60% prior to 1992.

    • The Mid-Efficiency FurnacesThe mid-efficiency furnaces are also called ‘induces draft furnaces’ or ‘non-condensing furnaces’. The mid-efficiency furnace offers the bare minimum of 78% efficiency up to about 80%.
    • The High-Efficiency FurnacesThe high-efficiency furnaces are also known as ‘condensing furnaces’ or ‘sealed combustion furnaces’. The high-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE rating as high as 96%. Some furnaces use a two-stage valve and an efficient variable-speed motor to raise comfort and effectiveness.

No matter what type or style of furnace you have, the professional, expert repair contractors at Colorado discount Heating & Cooling can assist you.

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