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It’s Time For Your Winter Heating Tune Up In Lakewood!

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If you have a home in the Lakewood or surrounding areas in Colorado, it’s important to have your heating systems tuned up so you can keep warm this winter. The heating tune up for your Lakewood area home gives you many benefits that result in a reliable heating system during our cold winters, especially when they’re done by competent professional heating technicians.

At Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling, we offer very affordable heating tune ups that can help you in many ways. We also offer a full line of heating services including repairs, replacements, and new installations of furnaces, boilers, and indoor air quality equipment.

Our goal as your local heating tune up professional is to ensure you and your family stay warm and comfortable as well as safe and protected in your homes no matter what the outdoor temperatures are doing.

Gives You The Energy Savings You Expect From Your Heating Unit

A dirty and worn down heating system is just asking for problems like breakdowns, insufficient warm heat, and high energy bills. When your heating system is tuned up, you get better energy savings from your furnace or boiler.

Your heating equipment needs attention at least yearly. Let us perform a comprehensive system of checks and cleaning with lubrication where needed to ensure your heating systems are working their best to warm your Lakewood home.

Helps Your Heating Furnace Or Boiler Last Longer

The more attention your heating furnace or boiler gets every year, the longer it will last you. A heating system that’s been kept in good repair will last well into the warranty before you have problems with breaking down or replacement needs.

Often, your heating system can last years longer than it should when you keep it working well and give it all it needs to perform as it should. Your home will stay warmer and you’ll enjoy not having to replace it as often during the decades you’ll be living in your home.

Ensures Your Gas Fueled Heating Equipment Is Safe And Ready

Professional HVAC technicians that are certified to work on your gas fueled heating system are required to check and repair your gas fed heaters. If you’re on gas for your heating equipment, call our professionals in when you need your heating tune up and we’ll ensure all your gas lines and connections are ready to go this winter. We can light your furnace or boiler pilot lights and ensure everything is working properly and that no leaking is going on with any of your gas lines leading or connected to the heating system.

Ensures You’re Protected With Heat In Every Room

In many homes, the heating system is working just fine except for a few places in the home. If you have problems with hot or cold spots in your home that your heating or air system doesn’t seem to handle, we can help you solve these types of problems. During your heating tune up, be sure to let us know you are having these issues.

Having rooms or areas of your home that won’t heat is something that needs to be addressed. We can find the root causes of the issue causing your home to be only partially heated and can fix them for good. Your tune up can uncover the causes of these issues as we check and test your heating system.

For the best in Heating this winter, call for your Heating Tune Up today at 303-566-1090 or complete our online request form.

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