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4 Common Reasons Your Unit Is Freezing Up

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Denver is located right in the heart of the Western United States. This means that temperatures can skyrocket during the summer and plummet during the winter. It is not uncommon to experience blazing July heat with high humidity or icy January winters with snowy sub-freezing temperatures. It is essential for your heating & cooling Unit to provide you with dependable temperature control throughout the year. Like any heating and cooling system, your furnace will need routine maintenance in order to keep it from freezing. When your furnace does freeze up, however, there may be some simple reasons for this. Most need to be corrected by your local Colorado Discount Service Provider located in the Denver area.

Dirty Filter

Dirty filters are the primary reasons your system is freezing up. Although most problems need to be taken care of by an experienced Colorado Discount Technician, most homeowners are able to change or clean their system’s filters on their own. Once you replace your filter, you will notice that there is still a layer of ice around your pipes and across parts of your system. It does take some time for your system to thaw out. After replacing or cleaning the filter, you can speed up the thawing process, however, by turning the system off and turning on the fan. Once the ice has melted, the settings need to be turned back to normal for proper use. If the system continues to freeze contact your Colorado Discount service provider for a proper diagnosis of the furnace.

Refrigerant is Running Low

Sometimes there is a leak in your A/C Unit’s refrigerant lines. This may be caused by weak joints, pipe friction or vibrating against the unit, open valves or loose fittings. The age of your system is may also be a major cause. Units over 15 years old need to undergo routine checkups and maintenance in order to run efficiently.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

With typical use, the evaporator coil will become dirty over time. A sure sign of this is a weak airflow which progressively worsens to the point that you probably would not notice it until the unit can no longer adequately cool down or warm up your home. Your local Colorado Discount Contractor can help you fix this problem and get your heat pump operating at its peak performance.

Defective Blower Motor or Relay

Freezing also occurs when the blower motor is running at low speed or stops running altogether. A defective blower motor will gradually lose momentum as the air heats up. Eventually it will fail and need to be replaced. A relay may also start or stop sporadically. Once again, these types of problems are best handled by the professionals at Colorado Discount.

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