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3 AC Tips To Help You Beat The Summer Heat

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air conditioning serviceAs summer goes on, and the days continue to get hotter, most of us are running our air conditioning systems almost nonstop, if we haven’t already been doing so. If you are like most homeowners, you like to be able to come home to a house that is nice and cool at the end of the day to help you relax, but if anything goes wrong with your home’s air conditioning system, you can have a very serious wrench thrown into that plan, very quickly. With your air conditioning system taking on such a burden during the summer months, and have to work so hard for so long, it is important to make sure that you give your system everything it needs to ride out the summer months in good working condition, and to do so in an efficient manner so you don’t wind up paying a small fortune in an effort to keep your home comfortable. In an effort to make sure that you and your family are able to remain as comfortable as possible over the remaining summer months, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting just a few of our most helpful AC maintenance tips to ensure that your system is able to continue functioning its best all summer long in order to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Call In A Pro

Just like any other piece of complex machinery out there, your air conditioning system requires a bit of regular care and maintenance in order to continue performing its best. In the same way that you wouldn’t take your car on a cross country road trip without having a tune up done, you can’t expect your home’s air conditioning system to work like it does throughout the whole summer without developing any kind of issues unless you take the time and get it the kind of service it needs to do so. Scheduling a yearly maintenance service for your home’s air conditioning system will go a long way in making sure that not only does your AC unit make it through the summer in piece, but it will also be able to keep your home as cool as you and your family want, and not leaving you with monthly energy bills that wind up costing you a small fortune. During the course of your professional maintenance, our team of professionals will go over your system entirely, and make sure there are no small issues that might lead to future problems or give you cause for repairs in the future. With regular inspections and maintenance, you can rest assured that your system will be around to provide you and your family with comfort for a long time to come.

Clean In & Around Your Condenser

It is important to make sure that you clean your air conditioning system at least once a year, and while the best time to do so is right before you have to start it up in the spring, it is never too late. If you have a central air conditioning system in your home, it likely has a condenser unit that is located outside of your house, and you are going to want to make sure that there is nothing out there leaning against it that might impact its ability to do its job. This can include lawn chairs or any backyard toys, but no matter what it is, you want to make sure you remove it, as it can cause damage to your unit. You will also want to make sure that you clear away any overgrown plants that might be creeping too close, but be careful that you don’t damage any of the attachments while doing so. If you aren’t confident in your ability to successfully clean the condenser and the condenser fins on your own, you can always call in a HVAC professional to assist you and help you ensure the job is done right.

Change Your Filters

Changing your air filters on a monthly basis is one of the easiest things you can do in the way of AC maintenance, and it is also one of the things that can have the biggest impact on the quality of your system over time. Making sure that you keep fresh filters in your system, or cleaning off your filters regularly if your system uses permanent filters will ensure that your system doesn’t have to work any harder than it needs to when trying to intake the right amount of air to cool off your home. Staying on tops of this task also ensures that none of that dirt, dust, or debris finds its way into your system to then be circulated throughout the air in your home.

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