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Denver Heating RepairsYou expect your heater to work at all times during the fall & winter. When it stops working, and you don’t have any HVAC experience, call Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling for heating repairs. All of our repairs are completed by licensed professionals. Repairs don’t just happen, they are made by professionals. Our pros have the experience to work on all types of heating units and will make yours last longer than expected. Call for an appointment today!


What Are the Different Types of Heating Units Available?

In order to understand your heater better, you should at least know what type it is. This will help whenever you call for a repair person. There are several types of heating units that Colorado Discount Heating and Cooling can attend to. They are:

  • Forced Air – Works by heating in the system then omitting it into the atmosphere. It is very common in lots of homes.
  • Steam Radiant – You’ve more than likely seen these in older homes. Radiant heat come in two different varieties: one-pipe and two-pipe systems.
  • Radiant Heat – one of the most comfortable types of heat in homes, radiant heat works by transferring heat to a cold surface.
  • Geothermal – It’s the newest method of heating (cooling) today. Heat is taken from one source and delivered to another.


What Causes the Problems?

When it comes to heat in your Arvada area home, your heater needs to be functional at all times or it’s going to needs repairs done to make it functional again. Problems range from bad fuses to the unit not being able to warm the home up.


Should You Be Doing Heating Repairs on Your Own?

When something suddenly happens to your heating unit, unless you have experience, you shouldn’t be working on the unit without any help from our professional Arvada HVAC contractors.  There are lots of parts that a heater possesses as a proper diagnosis is nearly impossible.


When to Have Your Heating Unit Repaired

Your heater will start to show warning signs that signals that it’s about to break down. When you begin to notice any one of these signs, it’s a clear indication that you’re going to need to call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling:

  • Not warming home – If you’ve cranked up the hat but it feels a lot like winter inside the home then there is something wrong that only a certified HVAC tech should be able to tackle.
  • Strangle clunking noises – If you start to hear clanks & booms all night then call in a HVAC tech immediately. It’s the sound of something starting to go wrong.
  • Thermostat is wrong – If your thermostat is on 70 degrees and it feels more like 40 degrees then call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling.

For professional Arvada heating repairs be sure and contact Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. We offer all types of repair serves on just about any make and model. We’ll do them even in the middle of the night.


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