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Air Conditioning Installation DenverIt’s not cool to be without a working air conditioner in the summer time. In fact, it can be downright miserable living without one. If you home is in need of an ac installation, get it from Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling and live more comfortably.

Remember, you don’t have to sweat another summer out all because you failed to get your cooling unit replaced. When you utilize our service you’ll gain a working AC that doesn’t leak or is in need of costly repairs. Just call the experts and have all your Air Conditioning needs taken care of quickly!


Types of AC

There are different types of AC units out there. Each cooling unit does basically the same thing-cools down a home. Being able to control the temperatures in the home makes it a lot easier to get through another humid summer.

Here’s a list of the different types of AC units available for residential use:

  • Window – This is a cooling unit designed to cool down smaller rooms. It has a powerful impact in these rooms but not made to cool large rooms such as the living room.
  • Split – This cooling unit is designed into two sections: the inside and the outside. Their range is anywhere from 2kw to 8kw. Created for small to midsize rooms.
  • Packaged – This unit will cool down bigger rooms in your Denver home. The compressor is either air or water cooled and run very smoothly.
  • Central – This is the king of all units. It utilizes an indoor air handler unit and draws air through a system of ducts. It’s designed to cool bigger rooms and offices.


How to Estimate the Cost of Air Conditioning

When I comes to air conditioning, it’s really hard to decide how much it’s going to cost although you can get a rough estimate based on the summer you’re having (warm or cold) and your past energy bills. The following are a few steps to figuring out the cost of running your AC:

  • Per Kilowatt-hour – You’ll be able to find the per Kilowatt-hour on your electric bill. You can assume that your per kwh is 50-60 cents.
  • Power consumption – You’ll be able to find this in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have the manual, you can find the power consumption online at the manufacturer’s website.
  • Hours ran – Keep a list of the hours that you run your AC. This will give you a clearer idea as to how much it will cost to run all season.
  • Calculate average bill – Some months are hotter than others. For example, July is a lot hotter than May. You’ll have an average bill to refer to in order to locate your cost per month.

If you’re going to need an AC installation, make sure that you get it from the pros at Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. We aim to deliver quality and customer satisfaction.


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