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Castle Rock Heating & Air ConditioningCastle Rock is named after the named after the castle shaped butte that’s located near the center of the town. There are a little over 48,000 living here today as a percentage of them are homeowners looking for experienced Castle Rock HVAC contractors, like you’ll find at Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling, to service their HVAC appliances.

So making sure that your heating and cooling systems are in excellent condition. And any time you need to have any work done on your heating or ac unit, just call your Castle Rock heating and air conditioning repair professionals at Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling.


Castle Rock Heating Repairs

You can practically call anyone for heating repairs but if you want the job done right, you’re going to need the talents of Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. We can service your heater in order to be more cost-effective for you during the long Colorado winter.

How can your heater be cost-effective? It’s very simple. A heater, without any problems, will save you money on your electric or gas bills. These bills tend to be a lot higher than the others so why not take the incentive to help lower them?

We’ll help you get those bills back down to something that’s much more manageable. Our repairs can change the way that your heater works. No more will you hear loud thumping or groaning omitting from your system as it will run quietly and a lot smoother.


Castle Rock Heating Tune-Up

There is only one way to provide you home’s heating unit with maintenance, get a tune-up. Tune-ups done annually will help to preserve it. Not having to replace the unit will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

How our heating contractors can meet your expectations through a tune-up:

  • Gas burners are checked
  • The manifold for gas pressure is set
  • Air burner is adjusted
  • Control fan is checked
  • Gas valve is inspected

Lots of things go on during a tune-up. We’ll ensure that your unit is working so efficiently that you won’t have to call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling for another year. Don’t trust a contractor who isn’t capable or experienced in tune-ups. Go with ones who are!


Castle Rock Humidifiers

Keeping the air inside of your home moderated is a tough task. After all, we have to live and by living we mean cleaning, servicing appliances and keeping pets and children clean is a full-time job in itself. All of these tasks end up polluting the home just the same way your heating unit does.

Your heater ends up putting out air that is not clean and also dry. With the combination of these two problems only one thing can help to take the dry air out of the home and that is a whole home humidifier.

You can have one installed by calling in reputable heating contractors much like the ones you’ll find at Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. Call us today for a free in-home estimate on your future humidifier.

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