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Denver Air Conditioning RepairsWhen we think about summer the first thing that probably comes to mind is staying cool. You can keep cool in a number of ways. Just about the easiest way is to take advantage of a working AC unit. When your AC breaks down, get your AC repairs done from the leaders in HVAC repairs, Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. We help make summers more bearable. Don’t let the humidity make summer miserable for you. Beat the heat with a working AC unit!


Repaired or Replaced?

Your cooling system needs to do one thing- cool down the rooms in your home. If it’s not doing that, it is going to either need repaired or replaced. When faced with the decision, it’s best to call in professionals who can alert you to what it needs.

The following are common problems associated with AC units where repairs will benefit it:

  • System not cooling – If your cooling unit is not cooling the home down, it’s not doing its job. The problem may be in the compressor or the fins might be caked with dirt.
  • Unit will not turn on – If there is not a blown fuse or a tripped breaker causing your unit not to turn on then the problem may lie in the thermostat.
  • Too hot or too cold – Extreme temps in the home means there is something wrong with your pump. When it’s not cycling correctly call the Denver techs immediately.
  • AC will not blow air – You can check this by turning off the unit and let it sit for a few minutes. If you go to turn it back on, and the system still won’t cool, it’s time that you call in the experts.
  • System leaks – The problem is more than likely in the tubes. When the system is ran continuously, it develops ice buildup.


Changing Out the Filter

An AC unit can be one of the most efficient appliances in the home. If it’s properly maintained, it will last you a very long time giving you years of great service. But if it’s ignored, not getting repairs when needed or changing out the filter, it will give you lots of problems.

Here’s how to replace your filter in order to make it more efficient:

  • Locate and find correct size of filter
  • Purchase filters at general home goods store
  • Mark date on filter
  • Take out old filter
  • Replace with new filter

For professional AC repairs, don’t just go to anyone, call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. We’re the experts when it comes to fixing your cooling system. Call us today and see for yourself.


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Denver HVAC contractor