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Westminster Heating & Air ConditioningOver 100,000 people live in the city of Westminster. It’s actually a great place to live even in the winter. If you are not a big fan of winter and love to stay indoors, then let Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling be the ones to call on for repairs and tune-ups.

As your Westminster heating & cooling contractor, we care about your well being and don’t want to see you stuck without heat this year. When you need us call us. We’ll be there at a moment’s notice.


Westminster Heating Repairs

If your home has a traditional furnace or an electric heat pump you’re in luck. An electrical heat pumnp works by drawing air from the outside and into the system. It’s an absolute gem for some types of homes where as the traditional furnace is regulated through a thermostat.

When something goes wrong with any of these units you’re going to need heating repairs. Sometimes heating repairs are necessary even after hours. You can always get a hold of Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling for an emergency heating service when you need one.

You’ll appreciate our emergency service as we arrive promptly to your front door and immediately tackle the problem. You won’t be without heat for too long as our techs are fast and very efficient. When you have a heating emergency, we’ll come to the rescue.


Westminster Heating Tune-Up

There are some things that you can do on your won for proper maintenance on your heating unit. Things like replacing the filter will help it to run better and vacuuming out the vents will certainly help. But if you expect it to run all winter, you need a heating tune-up.

Here are some other things that you can do, simply, for your heater:

  • Clean unit
  • Inspect it for general repairs
  • Hire a dignified heating contractor

Hiring a contractor is probably the wisest thing that you can do for your heater. Trying to inspect a heater on your own can be like putting a 1,000 piece puzzle together. It may be impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Westminster Humidifiers

Sure it’s great to have a humidifier in the home, but what about maintenance? Have you thought about it? What kind of maintenance do you need for a home humidifier? Here are some easy ways in which to keep your humidifier working at all times:

  • Always have clean filter
  • Clean it once per year
  • Always check for leaks

Doing things like that will keep your home humidifier running and the heating contractors away from providing costly repairs to your unit. Don’t let those buildups deposit over time in your system. Take care of them. But of you ever need a HVAC contractor for repairs or to replace your unit call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling.

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I just wanted to say that Pete helped me with my furnace and did an excellent job. He genuinely seemed to care about my furnace working properly. Thanks Pete! Marcia Rose

| Westminster, CO



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